How I Met Your Mother, episode (21:39)- Legendaddy. Air date 3.21.11

In this weeks episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney finally gets a chance to meet his father, played by guest star John Lithgow, with whom he has been estranged from for most of his life. After spending time with his father, Barney is clearly disappointed at the way his fathers life has turned out. He lives a normal life with his family in the suburbs and is not the rock star tour manager that Barney fantasized about. As the episode progresses, Barney reveals his hurt over the fact that his father is able to live a normal life with his new family and be the father that he never was to Barney to his other son.

As Barney is going through this process with his dad, the rest of the gang is pointing out each others “gaps.” The “gaps” are things that each of them did not know until they reached adulthood, like Robin not knowing that the North Pole was actually a place. Or that Ted has been pronouncing chameleon wrong for all his life until he is corrected by his students.

This episode does not really illustrate any assumptions about children and youth except for when we see that Barney’s child hood was extremely effected by the absence of his dad. At the end of the episode he asks his dad why he couldnt be a normal father for him like he is for his younger son. We can see that Barneys not having a full time father left a mark on him and his future.

Part of the reason why I chose this program was to try to find the educational value. I think that by discussing real life issues like in the last episode I blogged about, children can find meaning and relate to the characters and what they are going through. Since some of the characters have known each other since college, we see flash backs of who they were during those years. These clips tell us how Ted was awkward and Marshall was dorky and how Lily and Marshall started to date. The college versions of the characters are grungy, pot smoking, partiers. Usually their stories are filtered by Future Ted as he is relaying them to his kids. It is in these stories that we find assumptions about youth.

To me the show is more about young adulthood post college and the trials and tribulations that we go through as we are trying to find ourselves through careers, family issues, and love.






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