What I learned?!?

OK so last and final blog. I finished the season of How I Met Your Mother and this is what I learned…..

1) It is possible to make a show last using the same characters year after year with the same basic storyline

2) New York is basically just white people who hang out all day and only work for a couple of hours a day

3) Men are looking for love too

4) This show is funny!!!

So how does this relate to youth? Well, they can watch this show from all over the world and think that New York is a homogenous city with just a bunch of middle class white young adults who sit in a bar all day. I say this because my group did a short video on representations and it seems to be like How I Met Your Mother does a terrible job at representing a diverse city like New York. New York is one of the most diverse city in this country, with different cultures, ethnicities, religions, ages, etc. The show only exhibits such a small margin of the people that actually live in this city. Although i know it is only a sitcom, it would legitimize the show by creating my diverse characters and making the ones that are current a little less one dimensional. Sure sometimes we get a glimpse of what lays underneath, but for the most part there is little depth especially for the female characters. I know very little about Lily’s past, but I know everything about Marshalls parents, Teds whacky mom and Barneys absentee father. What about Lily and Robyn? We know Robyn was a pop star in Canada, but is there anything past that?

I love the show, but do think there are some flaws in the representations of New York City as a homogenous city, and the lack of depth of these characters.


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