Dexter Really Kills It

Dexter has become one of my new favorite shows. This past December my husband and I undertook the task of watching Dexter from beginning up to date. We have not yet gotten through all of the seasons, but have made great headway to almost the end of Season 4. Dexter can be watched on the Showtime channel which is part of my cable subscription.

Dexter is show about a man, aptly named, Dexter Morgan who works for the Miami Police Department as a blood splatter analyst. Introverted as he may be, Dexter is not your average science geek. He is also a successful serial killer. As the seasons progress, we see Dexter evolve into a somewhat normal person, getting married, having a child and living as a family man in the suburbs of Miami. Although Dexter is a cold-blooded serial killer, he also lives his life by a certain code, taught to him by his deceased adopted father Harry Morgan, whom also worked for the Miami PD. In order to rationalize his murders, Dexter was taught that if he had the urges to kill, then he must only kill those who deserved it i.e., other serial killers, drug dealers, rapists, pedophiles etc. Dexter’s character develops to become somewhat of a hero.

The series goes through Dexter’s day to day struggles to juggle his work, family life, and manage his kills. Dexter’s hot headed sister Debra Morgan, also works for the Miami PD as an eager beaver officer working hard to make it up the ranks. She is foul mouthed, strong and vulnerable all at the same time. In the latest episode that I watched in season 4, Debra is on a hunt to find the Trinity Killer whom she believes has shot her and killed her boyfriend. Debra and Dexter are often chasing after the same criminals, Debra to get them in jail, and Dexter as his next kill. So in this episode, Dexter is racing against time to get to the Trinity Killer before he is found and brought in to the police station.

The series is full of suspense, always at the edge of your seat hoping Dexter will not get caught. According to the site,, the dark humored show is targeted towards, adults in their late 20’s to 40’s who like crime shows like CSI. They want to watch shows that have more depth to them and follow a complex story line. This relates to the Johnson article that we read in class, and how certain TV programs are more complex than in the past, leading to the audience to work harder to follow. So the educational possibilities for this show can be that they challenge peoples intellect with complex story lines and characters, and ask the audience to reevaluate what they consider evil as they start to relate to and like a lovable serial killer.

I enjoy this series and recommend it to anyone looking for a show that will keep them fully engaged in suspense with a laugh here and there as well. This show has it all. Too bad Micheal C Hall did not win the Golden Globe.